Recipe-Free Cooking: Lemon Chicken Pasta

I try very hard not to use recipes in my daily life because they stress me out. I used to love cooking — the wine, the music, the sounds, the smells — and then I had children. And these children expect to be fed all. the. time. At the exact moment I begin a recipe, the whole brood storms the kitchen and demands immediate sustenance and libations. I lose my train of thought as I defend myself from the bombardment.

But, I digress …

For this reason, I try to just cook. Tonight’s recipe-free meal was brought to you by:

Here’s how I cook:

  • While cooking the penne, sauté garlic in olive oil and butter (amounts don’t matter; who cares).
  • Add chopped rotisserie chicken meat to pan.
  • Add peas (that you have already cooked in microwave).
  • Add fines herbs and lemon juice.
  • Put olive oil, salt and pepper on drained pasta.
  • Add chicken/peas mixture to pasta.
  • Add lemon slice to remind everyone that you are fancy.
  • Serve children pasta on one side and chicken/peas on the other side because you just know better than to mix them.Bon Appetit!

    kids pasta