Mom Break Monday: 10 Links To Make You Feel Human Again

I know you’re elbow-deep in diapers, cleaning and laundry. Me, too. That’s why I present to you the “Mom Break Monday,” where you can take just a moment to enjoy a few things (mostly) unrelated to motherhood. Relish the break; you deserve it!

Something fun– Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation shoes were adorned with real rubies!

Something beautiful– When one man missed his father, he set up a mailbox in the woods for letters to “Dad.” What happened next was very touching.

Something interesting– Are you nursing one of these right now? Makes so much sense.

Something to make you laugh– Life will never be the same once you see this. LOL

Something that feeds your soul– This is my go-to resource for family book choices. I could peruse these lists of beautiful books for hours.

Something yummy– I could watch these two cook together all. day. long.

Something extra– If I ever leave Texas, it will be for a beautiful, older home like this.