Our Revised Summer Schedule

One month ago, I posted our Riney Summer Schedule. Yeah, well, things have changed and reality has set in.

Here’s the new plan:

Monday: “Creativity Day”
Today, mom will neither give you nor plan for you anything to entertain, engage or occupy your time. Let’s see how creative you can be with absolutely zero direction.

Tuesday: “Survivor Day”
Hey children, have you ever heard of Darwin? Today you get to play “survivor.” It’s very similar to Creativity Day except you also find your own food. How fun!

Wednesday: “Whistle While You Work” Day
Heigh! Ho! Today, we’re happy little dwarfs who are cleaning Snow White’s cottage because having her do all of the cleaning and cooking is just plain “dopey.” Get those rags, buckets and dusters … let’s go!

Thursday: “A Quiet Place” Day
Can the monsters hear you? Not if you’re super-duper quiet! All day today, we will only communicate through facial expressions.

Friday: “Drive-In/Drive-Around Picture Show” Day
Ready to enjoy the cinema? Today you get to enjoy not one, not two, but THREE feature films at the Drive-In/Drive-Around movie theater! Mom will drive all the way to Oklahoma and back while you, quietly and strapped in place, enjoy a cinematic experience unlike any other.

Saturday/Sunday: “Father-Son Bonding Days”
There is no more important bond than that of a father with his son. Bye!

*No children were harmed in the making of this schedule. It’s just a harmless joke; don’t worry.