My Little Boy’s $14 Bug Birthday Cake


June is a big birthday month for our family, and today it was all about BUGS. I can’t believe I just ate a slice of cake with a beetle on it. Now, that’s true love.


We have a birthday tradition in our family of donuts and presents in the morning around a fun, decorated breakfast table. Last night, I transformed the table into a picnic gone awry with butterflies on the walls and a bevy of bugs crawling on leaf plates.


3D butterfly wall decals were a huge hit, but this wonderful bag of disgusting bugs is really what saved the day. I bought these figures, like I often do, to decorate the table and double as toys afterward. For the cake, I ordered a basic chocolate/chocolate round cake from Kroger for $14 and asked for green icing trim.


Though I had asked for “Happy Birthday, James” on the top, it wasn’t doing it for me. I decided to sprinkle the top of the cake with green sprinkles and then decorate it with leftover bugs and butterflies from the table decor. The final result was super cute, and my son LOVED it. It was just gross enough. Ha!