Awaiting A Rainbow

We’re angry. We’re scared. We’re weary. Everything seems uncertain, and, as moms, we’ve lost control.

We can’t manage or schedule. Our planners sit unused or overly abused with appointments scratched through or erased. The comfortable rhythm of moving our families here and there has gone by the wayside with the cancellation of sports, dance classes, choirs, church gatherings and playdates with friends.

And now in my hometown, we’ve been told that no schools — private or public — will be allowed to return to in-person, classroom learning until Sept. 8th. It’s just not fair … or is it?

We often make the mistake of thinking we are entitled to normalcy … that our children are entitled to “normal” childhoods full of extracurricular activities, loads of friends, concerts, camps, birthday parties, riding bikes and baseball games. They’re not. Those are gifts. Every one of those things is a privilege, not a right. We can mourn their loss, but let’s not forget perspective.

We’re blinded by the luxury of modern life, and we feel like everything is being stripped from us. But this will not last forever. Take a deep breath and know that God is in control. Humankind is resilient and strong, especially moms. Just think of what the women in your family went through …

My great, great-grandmother died of malaria at 30, many of her peers dying in childbirth. Her daughter died of diphtheria at 10. My great-grandmother almost died of typhoid as a child before living through the Spanish flu, WWI and the loss of her only son in WWII. My grandmother, who lost her brother in WWII, had to worry about my mom getting polio and sit with her friends as their sons’ numbers were called in the Vietnam draft. Now it’s our turn, and we have a pandemic.

If that means no sports … ok. If that means wearing a mask … ok. If that means e-learning … ok. Perspective is truly everything.

This pandemic has brought about minor inconveniences and disruptions like these for some and tragic losses of businesses and lives for others. But we will make it through. The rainbow will appear. And history will tell the story of how our generation of moms handled this challenge. Let’s make it a good story …