Mom Break Monday: 10 Links To Make You Feel Human Again

Hi, mommas! How was your weekend? We had the most wonderful break last week visiting family in the Texas Panhandle. It may have been too wonderful … because we got a little taste of what life is like when you’re not living in a Covid hot spot. Oh, how I miss it.

We’re back in Dallas now, and I’m going to keep my head lifted high and a smile on my face. It’s hard sometimes, isn’t mommas? I hope you know you’re not alone, and that you’re doing a great job.



Something pretty– If you have complete decision fatigue, like I do, but want to wear cute outfits, try this site for capsule wardrobes and other fun beauty, style inspiration. I’ve been following Get Your Pretty On for years, and it’s a wonderful resource.

Something to make your ears smile– Turn on this Stevie Wonder favorite while you’re cleaning, and I promise you’ll end up dancing.

Something to move that beautiful body– Have you heard of Hula Dancercise? I’m not sure I could keep that thing up, but I’d have fun trying!

Something interesting– Did you see this eerie video of lightning striking near the Statue of Liberty? Because the world wasn’t looking enough like a cinematic apocalypse …

Something to make you laugh– LOL, are we really at this point? I mean … I’d buy it.

Also, have you ever seen Diane Keaton make a taco? Then, it’s about time.

Something yummyThe Baker Mama never disappoints, and I can’t wait to make this ballgame board!

A little something extra:

1. A Dolly Parton-themed, rooftop bar just opened in Nashville, and its use of pink would make Barbie jealous. Maybe it’s the weary boy mom in me, but I’m ALL IN.

2. Austin-based apparel, gifts and home decor brand Katie Kime just debuted a New Orleans toile pattern, and I’m obsessed.

3. So, what do you think of the new Ford Bronco? It’s not the big, clunky one all of the boys at my high school drove way too fast (ah, the good, ole days), but it’s not bad looking.