Mom Break Monday: 10 Links To Make You Feel Human Again

Hi, mommas! How was your weekend?

We did lots of swimming, listening to The Beach Boys, riding bikes, watching superhero movies and cuddling. It was perfect. These three, crazy boys of mine are growing up way too fast, and I’m starting to see all of the hard parenting work pay off. They’re still “all boy,” but I’m seeing them also transform into little gentlemen. So, basically what I’m saying is that there’s hope for anyone! Ha. Have a wonderful week, friends, and enjoy these fun links below.



Something you need– How beautiful is this outdoor play mat? It makes me almost forget it’s 800 degrees outside.

Something yummy– I recently got a craving for the gingerbread pancakes from Austin’s Magnolia Cafe. They are one of the seven wonders of the food world. Somehow Homesick Texan snagged the recipe, and we should all be eternally grateful.

Also, this Southwest Tortellini Pasta Salad from Tastes Better From Scratch is absolutely delicious and super easy to make ahead for a quick summer dinner.

Something for the kid in you– I had no idea you could get your own Icee Slushie Machine!!!

Something beautifulPictures like these remind me why it’s so important to shop small and local. God bless small town, small business America where the flags fly high and dusk feels like a big hug on a sleepy, summer evening.

Another makeup tutorial, because I have a problem … This before and after from It Cosmetics is insane. She makes her blemishes completely disappear.

Something to make you laugh– Glennon Doyle is the best, and this is just SO true. It reminds me of the time that I was in a rush to get to a big, fancy event when I was working as a magazine editor in Austin. Matthew McConaughey was going to be there, and I was sure we’d fall madly in love. Well, my skin was so hot and sticky from rushing around to get ready that I literally got trapped in my dress. It was a little racerback, satin number, and it got stuck around my shoulders, pinning my arms. I wrestled and rolled around that apartment like a cat with a bag of fresh catnip and finally got it to submit. I rolled into that event with all the elegance and grace of someone with no video evidence of the tussle.

Some real estate pornThis nineteenth-century North Carolina farmhouse/cottage, nestled in the mountains, is basically my idea of heaven.

A little something extra:

1. I would like to take a moment to issue an official apology to my brain cells. Marrying Millions is my new guilty pleasure, and it’s deliciously terrible.

2. The prettiest cake!