Mom Break Monday: 10 Links To Make You Feel Human Again

Hi, Mommas!

Some of you became homeschool teachers and virtual learning facilitators this week. How did it go? This year is full of surprises, isn’t it? I literally just heard on the news that there was a “firenado” — that’s a fire tornado — in California yesterday. It doesn’t get more 2020 than that.

Do you remember the poster on every dentist’s office ceiling in the ’80s that had the dangling kitten and said “Hang In There”? Well, I know that’s how you feel right now. But what you can’t see is all the other moms beneath you with their arms wide open, ready to catch you.

I hope you take a break and enjoy these fun links. Make it a wonderful week, and hang in there.



Something interesting– Have you ever wondered where the popsicle got its start? CBS Sunday Morning had the most wonderful story on its origin, and did you know the idea came from a 10-year-old boy?

Something you need– This Smockingbird Kids “Fall Apple Picking” pajama set has killed me. I’m now dead. “Yes, son, I understand you’re now eight years old, but do you understand that these pajamas have watercolored apple trees, wagons, acorns, tents, canoes and fall fun? Deal with it.”

Something yummy fascinating– A NYC pastry chef uses syringes and gelatin to create these incredible — edible — works of art. Seriously, how does she do that?!?

Something yummy– I can’t wait to make this Blackberry Icebox Cake I saw on The Pioneer Woman this weekend. YUM!

Something really sweet– There’s nothing like these hugs around the neck.

Something beautiful– Joanna Gaines has done it again. Her new children’s book, “The World Needs Who You Were Made To Be,” will hit shelves in November.

Something fun– The State Fair of Texas is asking for entries for its new virtual Creative Arts contests. Ready to sculpt some butter?

Something to make you spit out your coffee – LOL, El Arroyo does it again.

A little something extra:

1. Jennifer Garner was asked to teach a lesson in refinement for her daughter’s Colonial unit … and now I am certain that we would be best friends.

2. Did you know there’s a Dr Pepper shortage?  Sidenote: What ever happened to good, ole Mr. Pibb?