Mom Break Monday: 10 Links To Make You Feel Human Again

Hi, Mommas!

Well, my children are officially back in school, and I’m praying that’s where they’ll stay. Ha! That sounds bad. We actually had a really wonderful summer, and I will always cherish the memories we made during this slower time. My boys had lots of brotherly bonding, and we really fell into a nice routine. There is a flow and an ease to everything now that I hope we don’t lose.

But for this family, it is undoubtedly time to get back in the classroom, regain some structure and engage our minds. I will be eternally grateful for our teachers and their undervalued talents. You don’t realize just how difficult their job is until you try to do it yourself.

I hope all of you have the most wonderful week, and I also hope that your darling children are no longer in your home. Ha! Here’s to the teachers!



Something interesting– Were you less affected by the significant lifestyle changes and emotional toll of Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic than you are now? It could be because your “surge capacity” is depleted.

Someone you need to follow- Do you follow Sweet Savings and Things? I want to buy every single thing she posts, and most of the time I can actually afford to do it! Her blue and white post almost did me in.

Something to make you spit out your coffee I didn’t do this, but I did used to put an opened paper clip in my mouth and pretend it was a retainer. Pretty cool.

Something creative– I swear, a teacher’s creativity and love for her students knows no bounds. Look how these Florida teachers turned these pandemic-friendly desks into miniature Jeeps with sneeze guard windshields!

Something yummy– One of my favorite appetizers to have out at a gathering is Central Market’s Love Dip. Nom nom nom! There’s something irresistible about that creamy, garlicky goodness. Make your own using this recipe.

Something old is new- So, now that I finally have a closet full of nice-fitting, skinny jeans, I keep seeing these wide-leg and flared jeans everywhere.

Something beautiful– Need a new coffee table book and some design inspiration? Pre-order Mark D. Sike’s new book about all-American decoration.

Something fun– Check out the views from this 1899 mountain house in New York. It’s available … I’m just saying.

A little something extra:

1. My old woman soapbox- This ridiculous little bag of instant gratification is why this generation will never be as good as mine. So there!

2. This made me laugh.